Plant Ecology

DS-2 Sonic Anemometer

Measure horizontal wind speed and direction with our affordable sonic anemometer. The DS-2 is a rugged, research-grade sonic anemometer built specifically for agricultural, forestry, and environmental research applications. The DS-2 is accurate at low wind speeds making it the perfect instrument for measuring wind within and above plant canopies.

AccuPAR LP-80

The AccuPAR LP-80 is an easy-to-use, lightweight, portable, and rugged ceptometer designed for rapidly quantifying light transmitted through the canopy and leaf area index (LAI). All values are measured and calculated on the fly providing immediate user feedback. Onboard storage of values recorded in the field allows for rapid analysis back in the lab.

Microclimate Monitoring System

Integrate Climate Variables Account for environmental variables with simple, accurate, plug-and-log sensors. Get Local Weather Measure weather data where you are, not 5 miles away at the Met tower, so that you can measure environmental variation on…

Davis Cup Anemometer

Measure wind speed and direction over your chosen interval. Straightforward setup. Plug-and-log simplicity when used with the Em50 series of data loggers.

SC-1 Leaf Porometer for Stomatal Conductance Measurements

Accurate, affordable, and practical stomatal conductance. The SC-1's breakthrough steady-state technology provides accurate stomatal conductance measurements from an affordable, research-grade instrument. No moving parts, tubes, or fans simplify the operation and maintenance of the porometer.

EC-5 Lowest Cost Soil Moisture

  • Volumetric water content
  • Lowest cost soil moisture sensor
  • Analog (voltage) output.

Spectral Reflectance Sensor (SRS)

The Spectral Reflectance Sensors (SRS) are two band radiometers designed to measure the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) or Photochemical Reflectance Index (PRI). The SRS are designed for long term field deployment to continually monitor changes in NDVI or PRI related to canopy growth, senescence, stress, and productivity.

LWS Leaf Wetness Sensor

Detect wetness and ice formation with a sensor that closely mimics the wetness state of real leaves. No painting or user calibration required. Plug-and-read capabilites with the Em50 series of data loggers.

VP-3 Humidity Temperature and Vapor Pressure Sensor

The VP-3 Vapor Pressure/Humidity/Temp Sensor with Radiation Shield measures air temperature and relative humidity and outputs all three values as a digital signal. Plug-and-log capabilities with the Em50 line of data loggers.

5TE Soil Moisture, Temperature, and Electrical Conductivity

  • Volumetric water content, temperature, and electrical conductivity
  • Digital, SDI-12.

PAR Sensor

Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) is a measure of the light energy used by plants to drive photosynthesis. These measurements are used to estimate photosynthesis, biomass accumulation, and crop growth. This simple, no-frills PAR sensor is weather tight and ready for long-term field deployment, and has plug-and-log simplicity when used with the Em50 line of data loggers.

PYR Solar Radiation Sensor

Total solar (i.e., shortwave) radiation data have a wide range of uses, including distinguishing between latent heat flux and sensible heat, calculating an energy balance, and calculating evapotranspiration using the Penman-Monteith equation. This simple, accurate pyranometer allows you to measure total solar radiation over your chosen time interval. Plug-and-log simplicity when used with the Em50 line of data loggers.