Soil Moisture Release Curve Construction

Decagon's Soil Moisture Release Curve service uses UMS tensiometers and the HYPROP to produce the points for the moisture characteristic curve in the wet range, and the WP4C to produce the points in the dry range. Your soil moisture characteristic curve service is specific for the soils that you send to Decagon, and are over the range that you specify.

Campbell Scientific Data Logger Programming

Campbell Scientific data loggers can power and control complex experiments, run huge networks of sensors off of a single logger, and read just about any sensor ever built... IF you have the right program. Cobos Testing Labs can help you write or troubleshoot your complex Campbell Scientific data logger programs.

Soil Moisture Sensor Custom Calibration

Custom calibrations for your soil type can improve your accuracy from 3% (with the factory calibration) to 1%. Custom calibrations by Decagon take only two weeks for domestic soils, and one month for international…