Lysimeters are powerful tools that can help you better understand the water balance. The Drain Gauge G3 are low-cost options for measuring deep drainage. The Smart Field Lysimeter is the complete package for measuring the water balance, allowing you to measuring deep drainage, evapotranspiration, & storage.

Drain Gauge G3 Passive Capillary Lysimeter

The new Drain Gauge G3 features a sealed design, allowing it to work in both saturated and unsaturated conditions. It also features a sampling reservoir 20 times larger than that of the Drain Gauge G2.

Smart Field Weighable Controlled Tension Lysimeter

Large-scale lysimeter measurements in a smaller package and at a lower price. A complete small, weighable, tension controlled field lysimeter; combined with tensiometers, soil moisture sensors, data logger with optional GPRS modem, lightning protection, and powered by solar panels.