Measurements: Leaf Wetness

Applications: Greenhouse Management, Plant Disease Forecasting, Plant Ecology

Detect Leaf Wetness and Ice Formation

Decagon's LWS leaf wetness sensor is standardized, calibrated, and designed to detect wetness (presence and duration) and ice formation right out of the box. No painting, baking, or user calibration required.


Sensitivity without False Positives

Each sensor is precisely factory-calibrated to detect tiny amounts of water and/or ice on the leaf surface. The sensor surface coating is non-hygroscopic, eliminating false wetness detection.


Mimics a Real Leaf

The sensor's thin (0.65 mm) fiberglass construction closely approximates the overall radiation balance of a healthy leaf, so moisture will condense and evaporate from the sensor at the same rate as it would on a normal leaf.


Plug and Read

Get straight to the data with the Em50 series of data loggers. Just install the sensor, plug it into the Em50, set the clock and measurement intervals, and start logging leaf wetness data. No programming required.


Want to Use a Different Logger? No Problem

Compatible with other data loggers (e.g. those manufactured by Campbell Scientific). Some programming is required; sample CSI programs are available on request.


Use the Leaf Wetness Sensor:

  • To predict when to spray crops.
  • To quantify water storage in the plant canopy.
  • In studying and monitoring crops for foliar diseases including rust and blight.


See it in Action:

Utah State University's Plant, Soils, and Climate department has set up a full weather station, and use the Leaf Wetness Sensor to monitor surface moisture. See the real-time data: View graph.

SENSOR TYPE Frequency domain
OUTPUT 320 - 1000 mV @ 3 V excitation
POWER 2.5 VDC @ 2 mA, to 5 VDC @ 7 mA
CABLE LENGTH 5 m standard, custom lengths available
CABLE CONNECTOR TYPES 3.5 mm "stereo" plug or stripped and tinned lead wires (3)
SENSOR DIMENSIONS 11.2 cm x 5.8 cm x .075 cm
DATA LOGGER COMPATIBILITY (NOT EXCLUSIVE) Decagon Em50 Series, ProCheck, Campbell Scientific
EXPECTED LIFETIME 2 + years of continuous use
WARRANTY One year, parts and labor


Splice Kit

Repair damaged cables in the field with few tools and less time.

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