Standard Programs Free

If all you need to do with your Campbell Scientific data logger is log data, we have a list of standard programs that may help. Check out the "Support" page for a list of available programs. We have also worked extensively with Campbell Scientific to implement our sensors into Campbell's "shortcut" programs, which allow you to quickly and easily build simple programs for reading our sensors with their loggers.


Complex Applications

If you have a more complex application, it may be beyond the scope of what our customer service staff can provide. Campbell Scientific offers courses in programming, and also has a program writing service. Check out their offerings at


Soil Moisture Sensor-Friendly Programs

In some cases, the Campbell Scientific programmers lack experience working with dielectric soil moisture sensors. If Campbell Scientific is unable to offer programming support, contact us. We've contracted with Cobos Testing Labs, a small local consulting firm, to write specialty Campbell Scientific logger programs specifically for Decagon's soil moisture sensors.


Cobos Testing Labs

The principals of Cobos Testing Labs have Ph.Ds in Soil Physics, and plenty of experience programming Campbell Scientific data loggers. If they can't write your program, it probably can't be written.

For custom data logger program pricing and information, please contact Lauren Bissey at