Measurement: Soil Water Potential


Generate detailed moisture release curves on undisturbed soil samples in a standard 250 mL sample ring, typically within a few days. HYPROP also determines unsaturated hydraulic conductivity values for the soil sample.

Irrigation Monitoring System

Know When to Turn it On Most irrigation systems rely exclusively on soil moisture sensors. However, soil moisture sensors can't tell you how much of the present water is actually available to plants. This system uses an MPS-2 matric potential sensor…

Water Potential

Water potential measurements are used to determine whether or not water will move and to predict where it will go. Use these sensors to measure water potential across the entire range.

WP4C Water Potential Meter

Fast, Accurate Water Potential Measurements Use the WP4C to measure water potential in 5 to 10 minutes.  Range: -0.1 to -300 MPa* Versatile The WP4C can be used to measure the water potential of any porous material.  It's typically used to analyze…

Soil Moisture Release Curve Construction

Decagon's Soil Moisture Release Curve service uses UMS tensiometers and the HYPROP to produce the points for the moisture characteristic curve in the wet range, and the WP4C to produce the points in the dry range. Your soil moisture characteristic curve service is specific for the soils that you send to Decagon, and are over the range that you specify.