Measurement: Precipitation

Microclimate Monitoring System

Integrate Climate Variables Account for environmental variables with simple, accurate, plug-and-log sensors. Get Local Weather Measure weather data where you are, not 5 miles away at the Met tower, so that you can measure environmental variation on…

Watershed Monitoring System

Close Your Water Balance Get closer to completing the water balance equation with this system that helps you nail two tough components: storage and deep percolation. Measure Deep Drainage The Drain Gauge is elegantly designed to make sure water…

Irrigation Monitoring System

Know When to Turn it On Most irrigation systems rely exclusively on soil moisture sensors. However, soil moisture sensors can't tell you how much of the present water is actually available to plants. This system uses an MPS-2 matric potential sensor…

ECRN-50 Low-Resolution Rain Gauge

Best for measuring irrigation events, Decagon's ECRN-50 is both self-emptying and frost proof. Plug-and-log capabilities with the Em50 series data loggers.

ECRN-100 High-Resolution Rain Gauge

The ECRN-100 is best used in research studies or for measuring precipitation. Plug-and-log capabilities with the Em50 series data loggers.