Measurement: Photosyntherically Active Radiation (PAR)

AccuPAR LP-80

The AccuPAR LP-80 is an easy-to-use, lightweight, portable, and rugged ceptometer designed for rapidly quantifying light transmitted through the canopy and leaf area index (LAI). All values are measured and calculated on the fly providing immediate user feedback. Onboard storage of values recorded in the field allows for rapid analysis back in the lab.

PAR Sensor

Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) is a measure of the light energy used by plants to drive photosynthesis. These measurements are used to estimate photosynthesis, biomass accumulation, and crop growth. This simple, no-frills PAR sensor is weather tight and ready for long-term field deployment, and has plug-and-log simplicity when used with the Em50 line of data loggers.