The SKS20/SPES20/SICS20 allows for water and solute collection down to depths of 8 meters that could not normally be collected from other pore water samplers.  Available with all three sampling cup materials (Al203 Ceramic, Polyethylene Membrane, and Silicon Carbide).



Thanks to its unique design, the SKS20/SPES20/SICS20 collects the sampled solutions and stores them inside of the shaft, where they can later be collected by applying pressure to push the sampled solution up to a sampling bottle at the surface.  At these depths, water cannot be collected by applying suction because of cavitation.  



Cost effective; sampling bottles are not needed.
Extracted soil water is stored at soil temperature.


Chemical suitability limited to the chosen suction cup material.

SHAFT Ø 2.5 cm; PE
POROUS CERAMIC Ø 2 cm; length 6 cm
BUBBLE POINT Al203 Ceramic: -100 kPa; Silicon Carbide: -90 kPa; PE Membrane; -100 kPa (only allows water flow up to -20 kPa)
SUCTION TUBE PE; Ø 0.2 cm x Ø 0.4 cm

Maximum: in free water and with a vacuum of -50 kPa approximately 5 mL per 10 minutes.

Minimum: in sandy loam soil with a vacuum of -50 kPa approximately 5 mL per hour.


PORE WATER SAMPLER SK20/SKS20 (Internal Shaft Storage) SIC20/SICS20 (Internal Shaft Storage) SPE20/SPES20 (Internal Shaft Storage)
SUCTION CUP MATERIAL Aluminum Oxide Ceramic Silicon Carbide Porous PE-Nylon Cup
  • Anions ( Nitrate, Sulphate, Phosphate, Chloride)
Suitable Suitable Suitable
  • Cations (Calcium, Potassium, Sodium Ammonium)
Limited Suitability Suitable Suitable after conditioning and sufficient forerun for flushing.
  • Metals (Aluminum, Copper, Chromium, Iron, Magnesia, Nickel)
Not Suitable Suitable Suitable
  • Heavy Metals (Cadmium, Lead)
Not Suitable Limited Suitability Suitable
*See Chemical Suitability Chart for more information on chemical suitability.
BUBBLE POINT 100 kPa 90 kPa 100 kPa (PE cover only allows water flow up to 20 kPa)

Auger Kits for Pore Water Samplers and Tensiometer

The cutting edge of the auger has a tapered tip similar to the shape of a Tensiometer or pore water sampler.  Thus, the bore hole is large enough to insert the shaft, but the cup will have a tight and perfect fit to the soil.

The not recommendable slurrying of the cup with quartz clay can be avoided.

A divisible auger set includes:

  • Cutting edge with tapered tip
  • Handle with hammering head

Parts have threaded connection and can be extended with one or more 100 cm extension rods.


  • Simplifies installation of shafts
  • Avoids slurrying
  • Multipart - divisible - extendable
  TB-20 TB-25
  • Cutting Edge
22 mm dia. x 50 cm 26 mm dia. x 50 cm
  • Tip
20 mm dia. x 5.6 cm 24 mm dia. x 5.6 cm
  • Total length
1.25 m 1.5 m
  • For shafts with
20 mm dia. 24 mm dia.
Part no. TB-20/125 TB-25/150
Extension rod Part no. TBE-100  


Sampling bottles and storage box

Soil water sampling bottles made of Duran glass, available in three sizes.


  • Implosion proof
  • Plastic coating as chip guard
  • Silicon rubber gasket with two connectors
  • Accessory: Clip for upright attachment on walls

In the sampling bottle box up to 6 sampling bottles can be stored. 


  • The lid is covered with isolating material. 
  • Latches shut the box securely. 
  • The suction tubes are led through sealed fittings on the side of the box.

Size: 40 cm x 30 cm x 28 cm

Material: PVC

Item Part No.
500 mL bottle SF-500
1000 mL bottle SF-1000
2000 mL bottle SF-2000
Wall clip SF-CLIP
Box with lid SF-Box


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